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Langelotti Pierre
129, Avenue Du Val De L'eolienne


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Nestled among ancient trees in a picturesque park, just 400 meters from the sea, the Domain of the "Eolienne" awaits you for an unforgettable holiday on the stunning azure coast.

This charming countryhouse, dating back to the early 19th century and recently renovated in 2009, can comfortably accommodate 8 to 10 guests. With its expansive 1400 m2 garden, it offers a perfect blend of tranquility and convenience. Located within close proximity to both nature and urban areas (20 km from Toulon and 5 km from Hyères), you can bask in the abundant sunshine (averaging 300 days per year) while exploring the region's attractions or simply enjoying the pristine beaches.

The domain takes its name from a former windmill, which once served the purpose of pumping water from a well to a cistern for irrigation. This water collection and storage system represented great wealth in a region prone to droughts. Although the windmill was destroyed during World War II, the avenue leading to the house still retains its name: the avenue of the Valley of the wind turbine.


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