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29 Place De La Mairie
La Jarrie


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Located in the center of the village, this family accommodation consists of two generously sized rooms that are both comfortable and equipped with private bathrooms. Situated on the ground floor of the owners' house, you will have access to a spacious living area, a cozy lounge, a delightful garden for relaxation, a terrace for outdoor enjoyment, and a convenient parking area.


Appréciations pour Le Chat Botté, La Jarrie:

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Review by: zorilla, Aou 29 2011 3:20PM
accueil et cadre vraiment plaisants,
encore merci à vous pour tous vos bons conseils de visite et votre sympathie.
Nathalie et Marc.

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To reach the destination, use the Michelin Map Card 324 - Fold N D3.

Start by heading towards Jarrie / Aigrefeuille from La Rochelle. Pass through Key, then continue towards Jarrie. Once you reach the village, you will find the rooms located on the square in front of the city hall.




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  • Île de Ré - Situated off the coast of La Rochelle, Île de Ré is a stunning island known for its sandy beaches, charming villages, and scenic bike paths. Enjoy sunbathing, water sports, and exploring the island's unique culture and landscapes.
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