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Hubert Potaufeux
9 Rue Haute Du Petit Moulin


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Description for B&B:


Experience a peaceful escape in our furnished rustic wood-style room, with a warm yellow tone that exudes the essence of a harvest festival.


Indulge in sweet romantic moments in our beautifully decorated room. Adorned with light and pale colors such as white and pink, it sets the perfect ambiance for couples.

Each room measures approximately 15 m2, with an additional 4 m2 for the bathroom.


This versatile room can be rented individually. Situated on the first floor, it offers a cozy breakfast area and a conveniently located nearby bathroom.


Perfect for couples with a maximum of 2 children, this space includes a comfortable room for two adults, a dedicated children's room for breakfast, and a shared bathroom. All conveniently located on the same floor.


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