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Beatrice Noel-Windsor
Chemin d'Hermos
Saint Eloi de Fourques



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Built in the 16th century under the command of Robert de Thumery, the Manor stands as a testament to the grandeur of the era. Its construction began in 1535 during the reign of François I and was finally completed in 1550 under the supervision of Claude de Lorraine, the first Duke of Guise, during the reign of Henri II. Notably, this historic estate served as a favored hunting ground for Henri IV on numerous occasions. In 1679, a charming chapel dedicated to St Peter and St Paul was erected within its grounds.

Later in 1893, the Hermos Manor became the cherished family estate of the Windsor's, prominent English industrialists. Positioned a mere 70 minutes away from Paris, this majestic Manor is enveloped by a sprawling 12-hectare park adorned with a diverse range of tree species. Delightful views of the walkway and the serene lake can be savored from various vantage points. This tranquil park truly encapsulates the essence of Normandy.

Within the Manor, there are two bedrooms, each equipped with an en-suite bathroom and a WC. The "Peony" room offers a double bed and two single beds, affording picturesque vistas of the walkway and the lake. On the other hand, the "Hydrangea" room boasts a double bed and a single bed, with views overlooking the enchanting orchard and apple trees.

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LE LOGIS D'HERMOS - A Charming Retreat for up to 37 Guests

Nestled within the expansive 12-hectare park of the historic Manor of Hermos, adorned with beautiful pathways and surrounded by lush gardens, an orchard, and fields, lies a delightful lodging housed in a XVIth-century outbuilding.

On the ground floor, guests will find a spacious 110m2 room complete with a cozy fireplace, a well-equipped kitchen featuring modern amenities such as a dishwasher and washing machine, a convenient cloakroom, and restroom facilities. Additionally, there is a comfortable bedroom for two with an accessible en-suite bathroom.

The first floor boasts nine generously sized bedrooms, accommodating between three to five guests each, as well as five bright and stylish bathrooms, ensuring utmost comfort and privacy for every visitor.

For those seeking tranquility, a picturesque lake is just 200 meters away, offering a serene setting to unwind and recharge.

Escape to LE LOGIS D'HERMOS and experience a truly memorable stay in this idyllic retreat.


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To reach your destination, follow these travel directions:

To begin, refer to Michelin map N°55 fold N°15. If traveling from Paris, Rouen, or Caen, take the A13 and then the A28 until you reach junction 13, known as "Domaine d'Harcourt." At this junction, turn left onto the D438 and continue for 400 meters. Then, take a right onto the D92 and continue for 1.5 kilometers. Look for signs indicating "Hermos" and follow them.

If you are approaching from Evreux on the D613, you will need to turn right at the junction called "Les Quatre Routes" onto the D840. Continue on this road until you reach Le Neubourg. After passing through Le Gros Theil, make a left onto the D92. Once again, follow the signs directing you to "Hermos."

For those coming from Alençon and Bernay, take the A28 until you reach junction N°13. From there, follow the instructions mentioned above.



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