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François Bastard
44 Route des Montils - Grand-Village


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Each room is equipped with a 140-sized bed, a shower room, and a WC.

The Sequoia guest rooms are ideally situated in the heart of Touraine, just 200 km away from Paris. Offering a warm and high-quality accommodation, this charming property is a renovated former farm from the 18th and 19th centuries. It is conveniently located just 10 km away from Amboise Castle and its son, Le Clos Luce (the home of Leonardo da Vinci), as well as Blois, Chaumont, and Chenonceaux.

Guests can relax and take leisurely walks along the intersecting trails in the countryside, while also having the opportunity to explore legendary caves and enjoy tastings of local wines. For more adventurous guests, there are long walks available either on foot, by car, or by bike along shaded roads and marked trails.

Nestled within a small wooded park, The Sequoia enjoys an exceptional setting. This contemporary property beautifully combines light, subtlety, and refined decoration, creating an atmosphere that invites you to indulge in bucolic walks.


Appréciations pour Le Séquoia, Mosnes:

Review by: Catherine AUBERT, Oct 11 2017 1:34PM
Très bon endroit avec un accueil exceptionnel.
La maison est chaleureuse comme ses propriétaires et décorée avec goût.
Je reviendrai avec plaisir et je recommande cet endroit.
Response from property:
Grand merci pour votre gentil commentaire, cela a été un plaisir de vous recevoir, nous espérons vous revoir très bientôt, Très bon week-end Cordialement Marie et François

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We are situated 10 km away from both Amboise and Chaumont sur Loire, and 30 km from both TOURS and Blois.



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  • Château de Chambord: Located in Chambord, approximately 58 km away from Mosnes, the Château de Chambord is a magnificent Renaissance castle. Known for its distinctive French architecture, grandiose design, and vast gardens, it is one of the most iconic tourist attractions in the Loire Valley.
  • Château de Chenonceau: Situated in Chenonceaux, about 17 km away from Mosnes, the Château de Chenonceau is a beautiful castle that spans the Cher River. Its elegant architecture, stunning gardens, and fascinating history make it a must-visit attraction in the region.
  • Château de Blois: Located in Blois, approximately 37 km away from Mosnes, the Château de Blois is a historic castle that showcases a mix of architectural styles from the Middle Ages to the 17th century. It is famous for its intricate façade and association with French royalty.
  • Clos Lucé: Situated in Amboise, about 16 km away from Mosnes, the Clos Lucé is a small château known for being the final residence of Leonardo da Vinci. The castle hosts a museum dedicated to the life and works of the famous artist, making it a popular destination for art enthusiasts.
  • Château d'Amboise: Located in Amboise, approximately 15 km away from Mosnes, the Château d'Amboise is an impressive castle that overlooks the Loire River. It has served as a residence for several French kings and is known for its Gothic and Renaissance architectural elements.
  • Maison de la Magie Robert-Houdin: Situated in Blois, about 37 km away from Mosnes, the Maison de la Magie Robert-Houdin is a museum dedicated to the art of magic and illusion. It offers interactive exhibits, magic shows, and displays related to the famous magician Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin.
  • Parc des Mini-Châteaux: Located in Amboise, approximately 16 km away from Mosnes, the Parc des Mini-Châteaux is a unique attraction featuring over 40 miniature replicas of famous Loire Valley castles. Visitors can explore the intricately detailed models and learn about the history of each castle.
  • Pagode de Chanteloup: Situated in Amboise, about 21 km away from Mosnes, the Pagode de Chanteloup is a Chinese-style pagoda that was built in the 18th century. With its seven levels and panoramic views from the top, it offers a unique perspective on the surrounding landscape. These attractions are all within a reasonable distance from 44 Route des Montils in Mosnes and offer a diverse range of historical, cultural, and architectural experiences for tourists to enjoy.

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