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Xavier Bernard
10 Route de Dixmont



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Experience the charm of a bed and breakfast at Clos d'Othe, where romance fills the air. Located just 12 minutes away from Sens in Yonne, our beautiful farmhouse welcomes you with open arms.

Step into our renovated guest rooms, carefully and passionately designed with soothing colors such as clay, gray, and blue-gray. The rooms exude a quiet and relaxing ambiance, adorned with exposed beams, off-white walls, painted furniture, embroidered curtains, and separate toilets and bathrooms for your privacy and comfort.

Indulge in a French-style breakfast at our family table, complete with hot and cold drinks, homemade bread, pastries, cereals, butter, spreads, homemade jam, and yogurt. For dinner, join us at the guest table where we craft a seasonal menu based on fresh produce from our garden, the market, or hunting. Our Burgundian-inspired meals consist of an appetizer, starter, main course, cheese platter, and dessert, with the possibility of changes depending on current promotions.

Beyond the delightful accommodations and dining experiences, we offer a range of additional services upon request or invitation. Explore the Yonne region on foot or by bike, participate in cooking, shiatsu, or crafting seminars, discover the world of wine, spirits, and cigars through tastings led by local professionals, enjoy evenings filled with games and music concerts, marvel at art galleries and join automobile or motorcycle rallies, or simply shop for local products such as cheese, foie gras, cider, honey, and Chablis.

Join us at Clos d'Othe in Vaumort, Yonne, open every day of the year, and embark on a memorable journey filled with relaxation, romance, and the joys of the French countryside.


Appréciations pour Le Clos D'othe - Sens, Vaumort:

Long séjour
Review by: Philippe Dujeunot, Juin 4 2014 6:58PM
L'accueil et le cadre de la maison se prête très bien à un long séjour avec une table d'hôte le soir, vous pouvez traîner dans le jardin, bien entretenu, ou bien faire du tourisme, pour 3 à 5 jours d'occupation.

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