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Ghislaine Comba
Les Haies


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price from €47




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We are offering a spacious accommodation with 3 bedrooms and a separate studio that includes a bathroom and WC. The bedrooms consist of 3 rooms with double beds, along with an additional room featuring two beds.


Appréciations pour Hermitane, Les Haies:

Review by: Escolano, Juin 19 2014 5:35PM
Accueil sympathique. Soirée et repas très agréables en compagnie des propriétaires et de Jurgen.
Chambre confortable. Nuitée calme et reposante au milieu de la nature.

Alain et Denise

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Travel directions to Sotie Givors via the highway or Condrieu Rive de Gier are as follows:



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extra bed
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2 47 47 oui
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1 55 55 17 oui
Holiday Home 1 55 55 310




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  • Pérouges: Situated approximately 20 kilometers northeast of Croix-Régis, Pérouges is a charming medieval village that has retained its original character. Its cobblestone streets, timber-framed houses, and fortified walls make it a popular tourist destination. Visitors can wander through the narrow alleys, visit the Church of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine, and enjoy local specialties in the village's restaurants.
  • Parc des Oiseaux: Located in Villars-les-Dombes, around 30 kilometers from Croix-Régis, the Parc des Oiseaux is a bird park spanning over 35 hectares. It houses more than 3,000 birds from around the world, including rare and exotic species. Visitors can explore themed aviaries, attend bird shows, and learn about conservation efforts.
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