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Gilles Boulanger
La Petite Garde


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Located between Angoulême and La Rochefoucauld, the Logis de MAJOLO cottage is situated near the magnificent hiking trails GR36 and GR4, providing a perfect base for outdoor enthusiasts. Nestled on the outskirts of the enchanting forest of Braconne, this charming cottage offers a delightful rural retreat. With its 3-star rating, the Logis de MAJOLO is an excellent choice for a stopover or an extended stay in Bunzac, Charente.

Surrounded by picturesque countryside, the Logis de MAJOLO is an idyllic spot to plan your next vacation or organize a successful business seminar. It also serves as a wonderful gathering place for families and offers ample opportunities to engage in various sports activities. With its convenient location, Bunzac is at the heart of Charentes, making it a perfect starting point to explore the beauty of France. Bordeaux, Poitiers, La Rochelle, and Perigueux are all within a 1.5-hour drive from Bunzac, ensuring easy access to these vibrant cities.

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Le Logis de MAJOLO is a 3-star stage lodging and subsistence facility that can accommodate up to 26 people. The premises are equipped with fire prevention devices and comply with the standard for establishments receiving the public of the 5th category (ERP5).

Each of the 7 bedrooms has a bathroom with an Italian shower and a cupboard. Duvets and pillows are provided for each bed, and there are also 2 cots available.

On the ground floor, there are various amenities designed to accommodate guests, including a lounge area with a television, Hifi system, sofas, and a coffee table. The dining room features a fireplace, tables, benches, and crockery for up to 50 people, as well as 2 restrooms.

The kitchenette is equipped with a 3-light induction hob, a forced air oven, a sink, a work surface, a fridge freezer, a microwave, a coffee maker, a kettle, a toaster, and cooking utensils.

There is also a laundry room with a stainless steel sink and drainer, a shower, a professional dishwasher, and waste storage. Additionally, a separate laundry area includes a 9 kg washing machine, a 7 kg dryer, an iron, an ironing board, a sink, and a vacuum cleaner.

A single room with a double bed, side tables, a console, and a cupboard is also available on the ground floor.

The facility also provides a computer area with internet access and WiFi.

On the first floor, there are 2 bedrooms that can accommodate 3 people each, with a double bed, side tables, and a single bed. There are also 2 bedrooms that can accommodate 4 people each, with a double bed, side tables, and 2 bunk beds. Additionally, there are 2 bedrooms that can accommodate 5 people each, with a double bed, side tables, 2 bunk beds, and a single bed.

Outside, there is a parking area with space for 10 vehicles. The facility also features a 5 x 10m pool with a safety section that is not accessible for disabled individuals without assistance.

There is a 40 m2 terrace with a barbecue, Tivoli, tables, chairs, and benches for outdoor relaxation. The property is surrounded by a fenced wooded area, with a shelter for horses.

To make a booking, guests are required to provide a certificate of insurance from their insurer and a deposit of €600. The security deposit will be refunded at the end of the stay, minus any costs for repairing damages.


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Starting from Angoulême, take the RN141 road towards Limoges for 20 kilometers. When you reach La Chabanne, follow the D33 road towards Bunzac for 4 kilometers. After passing Antieu, take a right turn towards La petite Garde and continue for 1 kilometer.



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  • Angoulême: A picturesque town known for its rich history and architecture, Angoulême offers visitors a unique blend of medieval and modern attractions. Explore the ancient ramparts, visit the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre, and enjoy the vibrant street art scene.
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