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2 Chemin de Ronde
La Digne d'Amont


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The property features a private entrance and is equipped with a comfortable 140 standard hotel trade bed. It also includes a bathroom with toilet, a TV, and WiFi for your convenience.

Description for Gite

This charming small apartment is tastefully decorated to provide utmost comfort. It features a well-equipped kitchen, a modern bathroom, and a separate toilet. The bedding meets high standards found in the hotel industry, ensuring a restful sleep. Outside, you can enjoy the beautiful flowered terraces and relax on the comfortable garden furniture. The apartment offers both east and west-facing views, allowing you to enjoy the best of sunlight throughout the day. Additionally, it has a separate entrance for your convenience. Stay connected with the provided WIFI.


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2 53 58 oui
Apartment 1 100 400




  • Château de Puilaurens: Located just 7 kilometers away, this medieval fortress offers a fascinating glimpse into the region's history. With its well-preserved walls and stunning views of the surrounding countryside, it is a must-visit for history enthusiasts.
  • Gorges de Galamus: Situated around 10 kilometers from La Digne d'Amont, the Gorges de Galamus is a natural wonder. Carved by the Agly River, the narrow canyon is perfect for hiking and offers breathtaking views of the cliffs and the river below.
  • Rennes-le-Château: Approximately 15 kilometers away, Rennes-le-Château is a small village known for its mysterious history and legends. Explore the village's unique church and the alleged treasure-related secrets that have captivated visitors for years.
  • Château de Quéribus: A bit further, about 25 kilometers from La Digne d'Amont, stands the impressive Château de Quéribus. This imposing castle perched on a rocky hilltop offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes and a chance to delve into the medieval past.
  • Gorges de la Pierre-Lys: Located around 30 kilometers away, the Gorges de la Pierre-Lys is another picturesque natural attraction. The deep limestone gorge is a paradise for rock climbers, hikers, and nature lovers, with its rugged beauty and the tranquil Aude River running through it.
  • Abbey of Saint-Hilaire: Situated approximately 35 kilometers from La Digne d'Amont, the Abbey of Saint-Hilaire is a remarkable religious site. Known for its beautiful Romanesque architecture and as the birthplace of Blanquette de Limoux (a sparkling wine), the abbey houses a museum and offers guided tours.
  • Carcassonne: A bit farther away, around 45 kilometers from the village, lies the famous medieval fortress city of Carcassonne. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a remarkable example of a fortified town, with its double-walled fortifications, picturesque streets, and a rich history waiting to be explored.
  • Lac de la Cavayère: Located approximately 50 kilometers from La Digne d'Amont, the Lac de la Cavayère is a popular recreational area. Surrounded by forests, it offers a variety of water activities such as swimming, paddleboarding, and sailing, as well as hiking trails and picnic areas. These attractions near La Digne d'Amont offer a diverse range of experiences, from exploring historical sites to immersing oneself in stunning natural landscapes.

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