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Audrey Mata
1887 Bis Le Cros De L'estang


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What is the story behind this Bastidon? Allow me to share with you the captivating and extraordinary tale of this unique dwelling. Its name was bestowed upon it by its former owners, who were witness to an awe-inspiring event in the 1950s (although the exact date remains unknown). It was during this time that a baby was conceived and subsequently born at the base of the ancient Chene du Bastidon tree. This occurrence, both intriguing and unsettling, seemed to echo the notion of history repeating itself. Astonishingly, on May 3, 2016, another couple who stayed in this very place also conceived a child, and the mother was resolute in bringing the baby into the world at the foot of the Chene. Such occurrences are incredibly rare in our modern era. As the saying goes, "never two without three," suggesting that this extraordinary pattern may continue in the future years to come. The Bastidon possesses a remarkable ability to manifest these little miracles, making it an extraordinary place indeed.

Description for Gite

Welcome to our charming stone hunting Bastidon, which has been beautifully transformed into a cozy guest room. This delightful space features a bedroom with a comfortable double bed and a convenient desk area. You'll also find a mezzanine that offers an additional double bed, perfect for extra guests or children. The private shower room ensures your comfort and privacy during your stay.

Outside, you'll have exclusive access to over 2,000 square meters of land, where you can enjoy a lovely dining area, relax on deckchairs, or unwind in a hammock. And that's not all - you'll also have unlimited access to our refreshing pool, allowing you to take a dip or simply soak up the sun at your leisure.

For added convenience, we offer the option of half-board, with delicious dinners provided. Please note that we kindly request a 48-hour advance notice if you wish to avail of this service.


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If you are arriving from Aix-en-Provence (A8), you should exit at Saint Maximin (Exit 34). From there, head towards Tourves on Dn7 and then take the direction towards La Roquebrussanne on D205. Finally, continue on to Méounes-les-Montrieux.

If you are arriving from Toulon (A50/A57), you should exit at Solliès-Pont (Exit 7). Then, follow the direction towards Solliès Toucas/La vallée du Gapeau on D554. Continue on this road until you reach Belgentier and then Méounes-les-Montrieux.

If you are arriving from Fréjus/Nice (A8), first take the Toulon motorway (A57). Then, exit at Solliés Pont (exit no. 8) and head towards Solliès-Toucas/La Vallée du Gapeau on D554. Follow this road until you reach Belgentier and then Méounes-les-Montrieux.

If you are arriving from Marseille, take the Toulon motorway and exit at the "Industrial area of the Paluds". From there, head towards Cuges-les-Pins on D8n. Continue on this road until you reach Signes on D2. Finally, follow the signs to Méounes-les-Montrieux.



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Notes: 25 euros per additional person, possibility of half board (dinner) at 30 euros per person


Swimming Pool
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  • Basilique Saint-Maximin: Located in Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume, this impressive basilica is known for its beautiful Gothic architecture and is home to the relics of Mary Magdalene. Visitors can explore the stunning interior, admire the ornate decorations, and learn about the rich history of the basilica.
  • Château de Brégançon: Situated in Bormes-les-Mimosas, this picturesque castle serves as the official summer residence of the President of France. Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, visitors can enjoy guided tours of the castle, explore the lush gardens, and enjoy breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Abbey of Thoronet: Located in Le Thoronet, this Cistercian abbey is a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture. Dating back to the 12th century, the abbey features a simple yet elegant design, and visitors can admire the abbey's harmony with its natural surroundings.
  • Massif de la Sainte-Baume: This mountain range near Méounes-les-Montrieux is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. With numerous hiking trails, visitors can explore the diverse flora and fauna of the region while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.
  • Îles d'Hyères: Also known as the Golden Isles, this group of islands located off the coast of Hyères offers stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant marine life. Visitors can enjoy activities such as snorkeling, diving, and boat tours to explore the natural beauty of these Mediterranean islands.
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  • Calanques National Park: Stretching along the coast between Marseille and Cassis, this national park is famous for its dramatic limestone cliffs, hidden coves, and crystal-clear waters. Visitors can hike along the well-marked trails, swim in secluded beaches, or take a boat tour to experience the park's breathtaking beauty.
  • Toulon: The vibrant city of Toulon is located just a short distance from Méounes-les-Montrieux. With its bustling harbor, historic center, and numerous museums, visitors can explore maritime history, stroll along picturesque streets, and enjoy the lively atmosphere of this coastal city. These tourist attractions near Méounes-les-Montrieux offer a mix of natural beauty, historical significance, and cultural experiences, providing visitors with a wide range of options to explore and enjoy during their visit to the region.

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