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Frédérique Alberto
74 Rue Des Verdiers


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There are three bedrooms available in the main house. The first is the CHOUETTE room, located on the ground floor with a view of the swimming pool and garden, perfect for two people. The second and third bedrooms, MAJORELLE and PROVENÇALE, are situated on the first floor, offering views of the swimming pool and garden. These rooms can be combined to create a family suite for up to four people. Additionally, there is a small apartment called the DESERT, with a maximum capacity of four persons. This apartment has its own independent entrance, allowing you to organize your stay freely.


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To reach Nimes, take the A7 motorway and exit at Nimes East. Alternatively, you can catch Line 12 from Nimes station if you prefer to travel by bus.



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  • Nîmes: Situated approximately 12 km from Poulx, Nîmes is a historic city known for its well-preserved Roman ruins. Visit the iconic Arena of Nîmes, Maison Carrée, and the Temple of Diana to experience the city's rich Roman heritage.
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