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Serge Balduzzi
16 Rue de le Chaume


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We are delighted to offer five spacious bedrooms, including a cozy family room, all adorned with charming farm-themed decorations.


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4 62 79 25 oui
Notes: Family room 5 people ( Parents and children)


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  • Nevers Cathedral (Cathédrale Saint-Cyr-et-Sainte-Julitte): Situated in the city of Nevers, Nevers Cathedral is an impressive Gothic masterpiece. Known for its stunning stained glass windows and intricate sculptures, the cathedral is a must-visit for architecture and art enthusiasts.
  • Sainte-Bernadette Soubirous Church: Located in Nevers, this church is dedicated to Saint Bernadette Soubirous, the visionary of Lourdes. The church houses her incorrupt body and attracts pilgrims from around the world. Visitors can admire the church's beautiful architecture and learn about the life of Saint Bernadette.
  • Palais Ducal: Situated in Nevers, the Palais Ducal is a former ducal palace that now serves as the Town Hall. This historical building showcases stunning Renaissance architecture and offers guided tours to visitors. Inside, you can discover the rich history and cultural heritage of the region.
  • Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours: Motorsport enthusiasts will enjoy a visit to the Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours. Located near Magny-Cours, this racetrack has hosted numerous Formula One races. Visitors can watch thrilling motor races, visit the museum dedicated to the circuit's history, and even try their hand at go-karting.
  • Musée de la Faïence et des Beaux-Arts: Situated in Nevers, this museum is dedicated to showcasing the art of faience pottery and fine arts. It houses a vast collection of ceramics, paintings, and sculptures, offering a glimpse into the region's artistic heritage.
  • Le Pont Canal de Briare: Located in Briare, a short drive from Devay, this canal bridge is a marvel of engineering. Built in the late 19th century, it spans the Loire River and connects the Canal de Briare to the Canal latéral à la Loire. Visitors can walk across the bridge, admire its intricate design, and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.
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