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Alain Richier
12 Rue des Puits



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'Les chouettes' is a charming guest-house situated in Le Vignot, a peaceful hamlet just 2 km from Treigny village and a short 4 km from the renowned Guedelon medieval building-site.

Adjacent to our property, you will find a picturesque cattle-farm, and within our own grounds, we are home to two friendly goats, a donkey, cats, and dogs, creating a delightful atmosphere filled with animals. We warmly welcome YOUR PET to join you in our cozy abode.

While our house may be modest and rustic in design, rest assured that you will receive a warm and hospitable reception from your host, a retired cook. In our efforts to provide an opportunity for everyone to enjoy a holiday, we have maintained a simple layout and furnishings throughout. Please note that the bathroom, showers, and toilets are located outside the rooms, ensuring convenience and accessibility for all guests.


Appréciations pour Les Chouettes, Treigny:

Un havre de paix
Review by: ARNOUX, Juil 17 2018 9:07AM
bien sur, les chambres et salle de bains ne sont pas luxueuses, même basiques. Si vous venez pour çà, réservez ailleurs.
Mais on s'en fiche : c'est largement compensé par l'accueil chaleureux des hôtes : Yvette et Alain, le calme, le farniente sous les arbres, les chats et le chien câlins, etc...
Nous avons passé 2 soirées et petits déjeuners très agréables, à parler de tout et de rien, sans langue de bois !
Leur vie est intéressante, enrichissante, nous avons eu du mal à quitter ces lieux, nous y reviendrons.
Merci à vous Alain et Yvette.

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To reach Saint Sauveur, take the A6 and A77 toll roads and exit at Saint Fargeau. From there, follow the signs pointing towards Saint Sauveur.



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  • Guédelon Castle: Located approximately 3.5 kilometers from your address, Guédelon Castle is a unique and fascinating attraction. It is a medieval-style castle being constructed using only traditional techniques and materials. Visitors can observe the construction process, explore the castle's rooms, and learn about medieval life.
  • Château de Saint-Fargeau: Situated around 11 kilometers away, Château de Saint-Fargeau is a magnificent Renaissance castle with a rich history. It offers guided tours of its opulent interiors, beautiful gardens, and hosts a spectacular historical show during summer months.
  • Colette Museum: Found about 15 kilometers from your location, the Colette Museum is dedicated to the renowned French author, Colette. The museum showcases her life, works, personal belongings, and offers insight into the cultural and literary context of her time.
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  • Saint-Sauveur Cathedral: Found around 30 kilometers from your address in the city of Auxerre, the Saint-Sauveur Cathedral is a stunning Gothic cathedral known for its impressive stained glass windows. Visitors can explore the cathedral's intricate architecture and learn about its historical significance.
  • Musée d'Art et d'Histoire d'Auxerre: Also located in Auxerre, approximately 30 kilometers away, the Musée d'Art et d'Histoire d'Auxerre houses a diverse collection of art and historical artifacts. The museum showcases works from various periods, including Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance art.
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