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Le Clos Domremy
30 Rue Principale
Domremy La Pucelle


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  • Maison Natale de Jeanne d'Arc (Birthplace of Joan of Arc) - Located in Domremy La Pucelle, this historical site is the birthplace of Joan of Arc. It showcases her early life and features exhibits with artifacts and information about her upbringing.
  • Basilique du Bois-Chenu (Basilica of Bois-Chenu) - Situated in Domremy La Pucelle, this beautiful basilica is dedicated to Joan of Arc. It is known for its stunning stained glass windows and serene atmosphere, making it a popular destination for pilgrims and history enthusiasts.
  • Château de Neufchâteau (Neufchâteau Castle) - A short drive from Domremy La Pucelle, this medieval castle is a must-visit for history lovers. It offers guided tours through its well-preserved rooms, showcasing the architecture and lifestyle of the past.
  • Musée Départemental d'Art Ancien et Contemporain (Departmental Museum of Ancient and Contemporary Art) - Located in Epinal, approximately 30 minutes away from Domremy La Pucelle, this museum houses a diverse collection of artworks ranging from ancient to contemporary pieces. Visitors can explore various art forms, including paintings, sculptures, and installations.
  • Lac de Bouzey (Bouzey Lake) - Situated near Epinal, this picturesque lake is a perfect spot for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. With its sandy beaches, walking trails, and boating opportunities, it provides a tranquil setting for relaxation and recreational activities.
  • Parc Floral et Tropical (Floral and Tropical Park) - Found in Epinal, this enchanting park is home to a wide variety of exotic plants and flowers. Visitors can stroll through beautifully landscaped gardens, enjoy the vibrant colors, and learn about different plant species.
  • Château d'Épinal (Epinal Castle) - Located in the heart of Epinal, this historic castle dates back to the 11th century. Although only ruins remain, it offers a glimpse into the town's medieval past. Visitors can explore the grounds and enjoy panoramic views of Epinal from its elevated position.
  • Musée de l'Image (Museum of Image) - Situated in Epinal, this unique museum celebrates the art of images, including printmaking, illustration, and photography. It displays a vast collection of prints, posters, and other visual materials, providing insight into the history and development of visual communication.
  • Parc du Château (Castle Park) - Located in Neufchâteau, this charming park surrounds the ruins of Neufchâteau Castle. It offers a peaceful atmosphere for leisurely walks, picnics, and enjoying the scenic views of the castle remains. 10. Église Saint-Nicolas (Saint-Nicolas Church) - Situated in Neufchâteau, this Gothic-style church is a significant religious and architectural landmark. It features beautiful stained glass windows and intricate stone carvings, making it worth a visit for its historical and artistic value.