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Vecqueville B&B - Bed and Breakfast - Vecqueville Holiday Rentals

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(5 reviews)

L'Orchidée Home

Roches-Bettaincourt B&B

Nestled within a picturesque valley enveloped in lush greenery, the Orchid Home invites you to immerse yourself in its sprawling 5-hectare sanctuary. Here, you will encounter a harmonious blend of a dense forest, a serene pond, and the vibrant Ajoux river flowing with life-giving waters. Embracing a warm and welcoming atmosphere, guests are treated to delectable cuisine while gathered around a convivial table d'hôte.

From €65 / night
(15 reviews)

Le Grand Tilleul

Montier en Der B&B

Enjoy the serene and tranquil ambiance of two garden-facing rooms, ensuring utmost peace and relaxation. Conveniently located near the city center for easy access to all attractions.

From €30 / night
(1 reviews)

Le Val du Roy

Joinville B&B

The B&B "Le Val du Roy" is a charming establishment set within a converted XVIIth century convent. It boasts four comfortable guest rooms, each equipped with a shared kitchen and living area. Guests can enjoy free WIFI and direct access to the beautiful garden through a private entrance. The delightful breakfasts, which are included in the price, are served in a lovely and historical living room. Our friendly staff extends a warm welcome in French, English, and German.

From €80 / night
(1 reviews)

Le Pavillon du Charme

Cousances-les-Forges B&B

Thank you for choosing to stay at the enchanting guesthouse, "Le pavillon du charme". Nestled in the picturesque Meuse department of France, our inviting rooms are conveniently located between the charming towns of Saint-Dizier and Bar-le-Duc.

From €48 / night
(1 reviews)

La Cle De Sol

Cirey Sur Blaise B&B

The location is situated in Haute-Marne, specifically in the postal code 52110, which lies between the cities of Chaumont and Saint Dizier.

From €45 / night

Le Relais Verdoyant

Vignory B&B

'Relay of Green Bed & Breakfasts'

From €70 / night
(1 reviews)

Chambres d'Hôtes du Gros Chêne

Frampas B&B

Experience the warm hospitality of Anne-Marie and Didier as they open the gates to their historic 1860s house at Lac du Der. Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of our tranquil rooms, designed to provide a haven of peace and serenity. Delight in the seamless blend of traditional stone architecture and natural hemp decor, creating a truly harmonious atmosphere.

From €68 / night

La Roseraie

Frampas B&B

La Roseraie is a charming 18th century Champagne house that used to serve as a presbytery. Situated in a peaceful village, it is conveniently located just 5 km away from one of Europe's largest artificial lakes. Your guest room, adorned with shabby chic decor, offers a spacious suite spanning 70 m2, complete with a private lounge area, flat screen TV with access to NETFLIX, and a library. The enchanting ambiance of La Roseraie, coupled with the warm hospitality of its hostess, will ensure your utmost comfort throughout your stay. Unwind in the tranquil 6-acre garden, adorned with an array of exceptional flowers and plants. The garden is also home to a soothing waterfall and a koi carp pool, providing a peaceful retreat for relaxation.

From €95 / night

Gîte "les Grues" Lac du Der

Eclaron B&B & Gite

Affordable self-catering lodging available in a charming village offering numerous amenities, conveniently situated near Lake Der and the casino.

From €420 / week

Le Moulin D'eclaron

Eclaron Lac Du Der B&B

No description in English provided.

From €98 / night

Au Val Ombré

Givrauval B&B

We offer a spacious bedroom that can comfortably accommodate two individuals, located in a charming traditional house nestled in the southern region of the Meuse. Givrauval, a tranquil village in close proximity to Bar-le-Duc, offers a serene atmosphere perfect for unwinding or embarking on invigorating forest hikes.

From €63 / night

Chateau De Rimaucourt

Rimaucourt B&B

Located between the regions of Champagne and Lorraine, this castle dates back to the 16th and 18th centuries. Originally an ancient medieval fortress, it was later transformed during the Renaissance and then refurbished in the elegant Louis XV style. Notably, it served as the residence of Duke Decrès, who held the esteemed position of Minister of the Navy under Napoléon I. Nowadays, this historical monument is open to visitors and showcases a remarkable collection of furniture from the 16th and 18th centuries. Groups are welcome to visit throughout the year, but reservations are required. During the summer season and on weekends from Easter to All Saints, the castle offers guided tours lasting approximately 45 minutes. For those seeking a unique accommodation experience, the castle also offers bed and breakfast options within the opulent Duchess apartments. Additionally, there are charming cottages available for rent. The castle is also a desirable venue for hosting receptions and weddings, providing a picturesque and memorable setting for special occasions.

From €79 / night

Gîte équestre et de groupes

Robert-Magny-Laneuville à Rémy B&B & Gite

Located in the serene countryside, this cottage is positioned just 10 km away from Europe's largest artificial lake, known as Der Lake.

(15 reviews)

La Flute O Marnaise

Rizaucourt-buchey B&B

This house is situated in either of the two towns within the Haute-Marne Champagne appellation, in close proximity to Colombey the two churches. The property features three rooms that are currently being developed, each equipped with a private bathroom and toilet. Additionally, the price includes a delicious breakfast. The house will be open for guests starting from April 1st, 2016.

From €68 / night

L'escale Dorée

Giffaumont-Champaubert B&B

This guest house is located in a charming old farmhouse with rustic wooden siding, conveniently close to the picturesque Port of Giffaumont. The exceptional setting of this location makes it an ideal retreat for avid fishing enthusiasts, water sports lovers, and birdwatchers alike. Witness the breathtaking spectacle of nature as thousands of migratory birds grace the surroundings during the enchanting seasons of spring and autumn. Additionally, guests can enjoy a wide array of sports and cultural activities directly on the premises.

From €73 / night

Gîte des Trois Sillons

louze B&B & Gite

This Champagne house is situated just 15 km away from Lake Der and can comfortably accommodate up to 14 people. It is set on a spacious enclosed ground spanning 2000m², offering complete independence. With all the necessary comforts, it features four bedrooms, a living room, two bathrooms, a terrace, garden furniture, and a barbecue. Whether you're looking for a week-long stay or a weekend getaway, this property is available for rent throughout the year.

From €600 / week
(1 reviews)

Gîte L'essen'ciel

Lafauche B&B & Gite

Cette superbe maison vient d'être récemment reconnue avec un label de 4 épis aux gîtes de France.

From €280 / week

La Maison de Marie

Droyes B&B

Welcome to our charming half-timbered house, established in 1843. Situated in close proximity to the beautiful Lac du Der, we invite you to enjoy a delightful stay. Our accommodation features two generously-sized rooms, including a suite suitable for friends or family of up to five people. Each room offers direct access to our picturesque garden, ensuring a tranquil and serene atmosphere during your visit.

From €64 / night
(3 reviews)

Gentilhommière des Eaux Bleues

Ecot La Combe B&B

The Manor Blue Waters is nestled within the picturesque former rectory ECOT-la-Combe, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere in a truly enchanting and unspoiled natural setting. This grand, distinctive building boasts an exceptional vantage point overlooking the serene pond and its majestic dam, as well as the charming gatehouse of the nearby castle and the quaint village. Whatever your interests and preferences may be, be it the thrill of fly fishing, the clarity of the pond's waters for sightseeing, invigorating hikes through the surrounding landscape, immersive exploration of the grounds, engaging in creative activities, embarking on sightseeing adventures, or simply indulging in moments of pure relaxation, your stay at Manor Blue Waters promises to be a captivating and timeless experience.

From €54 / night

Le Domaine de Hellebore

Saint Aubin Sur Aire B&B

Experience the utmost comfort and charm within a stunning character-filled residence. Indulge in three exquisitely furnished guest rooms, each equipped with modern amenities. Delight in the shared dining room, where delectable meals await. Unwind by the pool, bask in the sun on the terrace, or explore the lush garden. Immerse yourself in the finest culinary experiences at our esteemed guest table. Conveniently located on the N4 between Void and Ligny en Barrois.

From €48 / night

Domaine De Boulancourt

Longeville Sur La Laines B&B

The Domaine de Boulancourt offers a variety of guest rooms on different floors. On the second floor, there is a spacious double guest room with a comfortable bed (160x200) and a private bathroom. Additionally, there is a suite on the same floor which includes a bed (140x200), a separate bedroom (160x200), and a bathroom. The rate for these accommodations is 75€ for two persons. Moving up to the third floor, there is another guest room with a cozy bed (160x200) and a bathroom with a bathtub. This room is available for 65€ for two persons. Additionally, there is a room with two beds (120x200 and 160x200) and a bathroom, which can be booked for 70€ for two persons. Lastly, there is another room with beds (140x200 and 110x200) and a shower. Please note that the Domaine de Boulancourt is open for reservations from March 1st to December 15th.

La Fuste des Garceaux

Orconte B&B

Just a short 10-minute drive from Lac du Der, Sandrine warmly welcomes you to her cozy log house. Nestled in a secluded location, away from the bustling village, this serene retreat offers the perfect opportunity to unwind and embrace the beauty of nature.

From €120 / night

Gîte La Pinsonnière

Heiltz-le-hutier B&B & Gite

Located just a short 15-minute drive from Lac du Der, this captivating countryside retreat offers a tranquil and serene atmosphere. Nestled within a beautifully renovated 19th-century farmhouse, this accommodation boasts a generously-sized living room and a well-equipped kitchen. With 4 delightful and roomy bedrooms, each featuring its own private bathroom and toilet facilities, guests can indulge in utmost comfort and privacy. The plush bedding guarantees a restful sleep for up to 8 individuals. Additionally, the property offers secure closed parking and a vast garden, perfect for relaxation and outdoor activities.

From €815 / week
(3 reviews)

Relais des Ombelles

Clinchamp B&B

This charming house, located in a small village on the outskirts of a serene forest, has been beautifully renovated. It features three cozy bedrooms and the option of having a breakfast table. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the garden, which offers a peaceful and verdant ambiance, perfect for unwinding and rejuvenating.

From €65 / night

La Néottie Nid d'Oiseau

Outines B&B

This cozy and comfortable apartment is located near Lac du Der in Champagne. It can accommodate up to 4 people in its 2 bedrooms, and also features a lounge with a TV and a balcony-terrace. The apartment is nestled in a charming village with timbered buildings, providing a picturesque setting. Private parking is available for guests. Nearby, there are plenty of activities to enjoy such as cycling, fishing, exploring the natural environment, bird watching, visiting beaches, and engaging in water sports.

From €50 / night

Les Clés d'Emeraude

Outines B&B

Located near the scenic Lake of Der in the beautiful region of Champagne, this charming guest house offers comfortable accommodation for groups ranging from 1 to 14 people. With its traditional half-timbered design, the house boasts five cozy bedrooms, providing ample space for a restful stay. Additionally, guests can relax in the spacious lounge area and enjoy the convenience of a fully-equipped kitchen, all provided free of charge.

From €52 / night

Le Clos Domremy

Domremy La Pucelle B&B

Experience the serene charm of Domremy la Pucelle, the historic birthplace of Joan of Arc. Nestled in a peaceful setting, our accommodation offers a delightful stay. Discover the tranquility of our expansive garden surrounding the house. Neufchâteau is just 11 km away, while the vibrant city of Nancy awaits you at a distance of 55 km.

From €75 / night