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Mrs Bernice M Carnegie
Les Quatre Saisons, Chignat


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The charming farmhouse, originally built in 1802 and thoughtfully renovated to preserve its original features, is nestled in the peaceful hamlet of Chignat. Surrounded by expansive gardens and barns, the farmhouse is a serene retreat. The meticulously landscaped grounds, spanning 2 hectares, showcase magnificent trees, vibrant flowering shrubs, and well-maintained lawns and meadows. Additionally, there is a thriving vegetable garden.

The accommodation offers five bedrooms, including a double room, a family room, two twin bedded rooms, and a single room. Bernie, a professional cook, prepares exceptional 5-star, 4-course meals for the evenings. The ingredients used are predominantly organic and locally sourced, including produce from the farmhouse's own vegetable garden. Breakfast, included in the room rate, ensures a delightful start to the day. The options range from fruit juice, cereal, organic muesli, fresh fruit, yogurt, croissants, homemade bread and preserves, to porridge during colder weather, all accompanied by plenty of coffee.

Situated on 5 acres of gently sloping meadow, the small campsite boasts 25 pitches. The landscape is adorned with a diverse array of mature trees, shrubs, and abundant birdlife, making it a haven for nature lovers (don't forget your binoculars!). The campsite offers electric hook-ups for 6 caravans or camping cars, as well as two spacious and fully equipped trailer tents available for rent. The sanitary facilities are top-notch, with amenities such as a disabled shower and toilet. The site also embraces eco-friendly practices, utilizing a reed bed system for waste water and implementing a comprehensive recycling policy. For entertainment, guests can enjoy the games room located in one of the barns, as well as access to a fridge and washing machine.


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To locate Chignat, please note that it is consistently labeled as "Chignal" on maps, so don't be misled. Upon reaching Bourganeuf, you will encounter a single roundabout. Take the D37 route, and then switch to the D8 road leading to Lac de Vassivière. Continue on this road for approximately 3 kilometers until you come across our blue signs. These signs will guide you to turn left and follow the directions to Chignat. Eventually, you will easily recognize our property by the presence of distinct gates.



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Animals Allowed


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